Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: Dog Lover's Symphony

Director: Ted Fukuda

Starring: Alaina Huffman, Jesse Bernstein

Year: 2006

Genre: Family

Rated: PG

Length: 103 min.

IMDB Summary: A former convict and drug abuser meets a dog trainer who wants him to help out in her work as part of his rehabilitation. Story told by the dog.

This is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. The best actors are the dogs, the script sounds worse than a yapping terrier and the plot needs to be scooped up and tossed into a plastic baggie. Although it had a promising start, Dog Lover's Symphony quickly took a turn for the worse. The romance between ex-convict and dog trainer is so hackneyed and the "acting" is so devoid of emotion--of anything, really--that this movie is bound to bore humans and dogs alike. Also, this "family" movie does not have any children in it whatsoever. The story revolves around a lackluster, PG-rated romance between two adults, which has a cheesy, melodramatic ending that merely seals this movie's fate. Do not watch.

For Parents:
Some thematic material

My Rating:
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